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Murder Mystery


 Interactive Parties for Corporate, Family or Friends!

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 In 3 Easy Steps:

1. Pick A Theme

We have several themes to choose from!

Most popular themes: 1920's Gangster and Employee Revenge!

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to Reserve Your Date and Time! 

We ask for a $100 deposit to hold  the Date  and Time you want for your party!

Party- Lengths and Prices!

3. Pick Your  VENUE

We Bring The Party To You, Anywhere!

Where Do You Want To Have This Party?

 Pick a  VENUE from our site or we will come 

to your home, office, country club, church, mansion , on the moon...anywhere!

Ask us to help you find the perfect place, if you can't decide!

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Let us help your organization raise a

bunch of money!

 Nothing makes us happier than to use our

company for a great cause!!!

Our parties are fun for any
 group size from 6 to 6000!

Our directors facilitate every detail of your party!

Can you solve the crimes?

Our directors involve everyone in your party!

You and your guests become the "actors" (killers, victims, Etc.)!

  We ask you who the "Outgoing" ones are. We don't want to put the "shy" ones in the spotlight!

These parties are perfect for any celebration or get-together!

You pick any date, time, and location you want for your private

lunch or dinner party!

Perfect for any size group!

Pick your party length !

Parties lengths are from 45 Mins-3 Hours!

We come to you!

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Call us with your questions 7 days a week!
Please leave us a message if we can't pick up when you call and we will get back to you to A.S.A.P.

Our parties are perfect for group sizes of 6 to 6000!
We make you and your guests the characters in the mystery!
We bring our parties to you, anywhere you want, anytime you want!

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We Have Many Themes To Choose From!

Keep Scrolling Down To See Our Selection Of Themes!

You can have a murder mystery party


anywhere you want!

You can even have a murder mystery at home or at the office!

We go anywhere you want us to! We can also help you decide on where you would like to have the party, if you can't decide

Our murder mysteries are very fun and 
 very interactive parties!
Our directors make everyone in your 
party the  "actors"!
We won't pick on you if you're shy, we promise!

Play games and participate in a variety of fun activities to earn clues to the mystery!

The type of activities that will go on at your party depend on the theme you pick!
 Our activities include everything from Black Jack and Roulette to Team-Building games, Dancing, Singing, a Fortune Teller, etc.

 Pick any date and time for your private party!

Our parties last from 45 Mins. to 3 Hours!

We come to you!

We bring the mystery to your location of choice!

Your favorite Restaurant, Home, Office, one of 

our suggested Restaurants, Country Club, Church,

 Mansion, wherever you want!

Interactive Murder Mystery 
Parties For all Occasions!

We make you and your guests the "actors"!
(The "actors" are chosen by you)!

Our directors get everyone involved!

Don't worry, if you're shy we won't pick on you....we promise!

an You Solve The Crimes?

Which Weapons Were Used?


Pick A Theme!

We Have Many Themes To Choose From:
Our team of professional writers have been creating murder mysteries for many years.
 They are always coming up with fun new ideas. There is no end in sight to their creativity!
Here are some of our murder mystery themes:

  Perfect For All Parties!

            Perfect For All Parties!



Click for more Info           

 This is our longest running and most popular murder mystery for any celebration!



Employee Revenge!

 Click for more Info


 Perfect for all corporate parties!


This party has several options to choose from:


Click on the above link for a description of the original Employee Revenge Party! 

Below are other options for the Employee Revenge theme. The option you choose will determine the types of games and activities for your Employee Revenge party! Keep the original theme or add one of the options below!

Add One Of These Options:

Employee Revenge Company Team-Building Event!

Employee Revenge - Talent Show Contest!

Employee Revenge- Halloween Costume Party!

Employee Revenge- Christmas Party

Employee Revenge- Hawaiian Luau

Employee Revenge-  Office Casino Party

Stick with the original theme or add on one of the above options. Either way this party is A LOT of fun! Don't let the name scare your HR department! Just have fun with an Employee Revenge Murder Mystery party!

CHRISTMAS PARTIES!  Book Early For Best Dates and Times!  Click Here

Bachelorette Parties!

     Bachelorette Party Theme!

1920's Casino 

  Click for more Info.



Christmas Murder

Mystery Parties

Click for more Info.


Perfect for corporate, family, or friends!          

                               We have several Christmas themes to choose from!

Wedding Parties!

A Wedding To Die For!

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Birthday Parties!

 Happy Birthday 

Murder Mystery!

Click for more Info

Perfect for anyone that has a Birthday!


Fun Spooky Parties!

               Click for more Info.

Have a hauntingly good time with this ghostly party theme!

                                        We have this party all year round!

                                    It's Not just for Halloween!


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Murder Mystery Parties are perfect for every occasion: Corporate Christmas parties, family Christmas parties,  birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, fund raisers, holidays, rehearsal dinners, conventions, client appreciation, Kid's Parties, Halloween parties, employee recognition, team building, annual office parties, product promotion, any party! 

We will help you plan your party from start to finish!

We use: Mansions, Trains, Cruise Ships, hotels, country clubs, you name it! 

Murder mystery parties are fun for any size group from 6 to 6000!

All parties can be held at any location you want! Pick one of our locations or tell us about your favorite place!We bring everything needed for each party to every location! 


Costumes are optional for all parties. We really like when you dress in costume, but you don't have to.

It's up to you! 

Each mystery is filled with fun games and contests to help you earn clues to solve the crimes! 

  All of our parties are very interactive! Everyone in your group plays a part! 

Contact one of our event planners at: 708-637-4620 to help you plan your party from beginning to end!

All parties can be customized to fit your needs! 


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